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Adhesive Bridge

Adhesive bridges represent prosthetic restoration in the absence of one tooth. It belongs to non-invasive methods, since retention on teeth to a field toothless is like a smaller preparation for filling. It gives excellent aesthetic performance and meets the full function of speech. For the sake of consistency in the compensation of persons with an adhesive bridge, it is necessary to exclude bad habits: biting food, nail/ object biting, teeth gnashing...

See the example of the patient before and after the treatment (swipe left or right)

Adchem Bridge before dental practice Dr Jovan Cabunac Laser in the dentistry of Waterlais Iplus Fasete implants Metal Whitening-tooth newsletter DR. G-G interactive practice cosmetic Dentistry Dr Jovan Cabunac specialist of Dentistry Prosthetic and academic specialist of ImplantologyAdheiferous Bridge after dental practice Dr Jovan Cabunac Laser in the dentistry of Watersse Iplus Fasete implants Metal Whitening of the tooth News DR Messenger Interactive Practice cosmetic Dentistry Dr Jovan Cabunac Specialist Dental Prosthetics and academic specialist Implantology

They are indifferent:

  • in people under the age of 18, since the growth and development of jaws has not been completed
  • if for anatomical reasons there is no possibility of implanting
  • in young people, whose teeth are healthy, intact, apart from toothless field
  • if it is necessary to save the size of the toothless field (space keeper)

Prerequisites for making an adhesive bridge:

  • Good oral hygiene
  • the carriers (teeth around the toothless field) are firm in the bone (no signs of loosening)
  • there are no parafunction joint moves and biting disorders

The materials from which they can be made are:

  • composite material with a fiber-optic base (directly in the mouth)
  • non-metal ceramics (in dental technique)

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