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Teeth whitening for a shining smile

Some people have naturally darker teeth than others. In addition, the use of some medicines, coffee, tea or cigarettes may be a very common cause of tooth decay. Damage to the dental nerve and some of the root fillings can also cause severe tooth discoloration. Bright teeth are associated with the concept of beauty and a healthier lifestyle. People who have lighter teeth are more often laughing than those whose teeth are darker. A brighter smile gives a youthful, energetic look. Bleaching, (teeth whitening), is a chemical procedure for teeth whitening. The translucent gel is applied to the outside surface of the teeth and illuminated with an extremely strong light. The activated gel passes through the tooth of the teeth and causes the bleaching effect.

Teeth whitening

The procedure lasts 1h if it is done by a laser. Apart from shorter duration, after laser tooth whitening, the laser is less sensitive and the effects of bleaching itself are more expressive. The results can last from one to several years, depending on the patient's habit (nicotine, highly colored foods and drinks should be avoided). In most cases, tooth whitening is very effective and patients are satisfied with the results obtained.

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