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Metal-Free Ceramics

Crowns and Bridges

The Crowns and bridges serve to compensate for the rigid part of the tooth and the missing teeth. There are several types of crowns and bridges, but the basic division of
metal-ceramic and non-metal

CAD-CAM Technology

The peak in dentistry, at least in terms of aesthetics, was, until recently, metal ceramics. Non-metal ceramics were used only in exceptional cases, although it has been in use since the 1960s. Today, technology has progressed so much so that non-metal ceramics can be used without fear of cracking in all the jaw regions and in all those indications where metal ceramics are used. So, as far as indications are concerned, there is no longer any obstacle. Patients have been denied the opportunity so far due to the lack of appropriate technology. Today there are CAD CAM technology and prefabricated factory sintered blocks of different hardness and transparency, which are used for different regions and ranges depending on the indication. From these blocks, computer scanning of models obtained from the print and special computer-controlled machines cuts the construction of future prosthetic restoration (crown or bridge). On this obtained construction, ceramics are applied as before.

Third Dimension – depth

In metal-ceramic restorations, there was a problem that the light passed and refracted through the ceramic layers very much like that of a natural tooth, then it encountered a metal barrier and completely repelled. That's why these teeth, no matter how well technically done, lacked depth, i.e. it was clear that they were not natural. In the case of non-metallic ceramics, the metal problem does not exist, because the light fills and passes through all the layers of the crown as in the natural tooth, which gives a very natural appearance and the third dimension - depth. Well-designed non-metallic restorations are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth.

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