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Dental façade are thick with composites or porcelans that are nice to the surface of the front teeth. Fasete requires minimal removal of tooth enamel or, in the NO PREP façade, are made without any violation of tooth integrity. Ceramic façade are made based on prints and directly to the surface of the teeth. Fasete is often the best solution to getting an ideal smile. Strong and highly durable ceramic façade are a long-term solution because the color is constant. Except for changing the color, they are also used to change the shape of the teeth. Ideal for small teeth, for excessive teeth or teeth with irregular surfaces, abradized, curled, cracked, teeth with small holes and caries on them or teeth between which are large spaces. Dental veneers solve irregularities and create an ideal and youthful smile.

Composite veneers

Composite (direct) veneers are made in one visit to the dentist. The procedure is the direct application of the composite for the surface of the teeth.

Composite Veneers Veneers
Tooth veneers

Porcelain ceramic veneers

Porcelain (Indirect) veneers are made of very thin porcelain. They usually require a few visits to the doctor and are made in the lab. Such veneers are placed on the prepared surface of the tooth and nice with composite cement designed specially for that.

Ceramic Façade Veneers Veneers
Ceramic Veneers Veneers

NO PREP Veneers

NO PREP veneers are restorations, which are extremely thin and firm, and are beautiful for the surface of the tooth without damaging the enamel. Their indication is very limited and often combined with other veneers and bleaching.

Composite Facete

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