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Gummy smile

Visible teeth gums during a smile (Gummy smile) are a relatively common occurrence in patients. Such people avoid laughing, or, when they do, they cover their mouth with their hand, which is also unusual, and can influence them to feel uncomfortable in society.

Composite Facete

This deficiency, or problem, is being solved easily today. There are several ways to solve a gummy smile. In some resemblances, the enlargement of the lips with hyaluronic acid can reduce the effect of gummy smile, but only as a supplement to other methods or in small corrections. This treatment is also repeated 1-2 times a year.

In cases where the gummy smile is large, and the teeth are small and/or there are diastemas (spacing between the teeth), it is necessary to do a circumcision, i.e. removing excess gums. The intervention lasts for about ten minutes and most often, in the same visit, composite veneers are placed, if necessary (we change not only the length, but also the position, shape and color of the teeth). In this way the gingiva is formed according to the new veneers, so completely controlled results are obtained. Patients from the office come out with a completely new smile (without a gummy smile) and do not pass through the toothless stage. They can immediately see the result achieved. Of course, after the intervention, it takes several days to calm down the gums and keep the patients with a good hygienic regime (use of dental floss, regular tooth wash and dentist control). After several months or years, the composite veneers are replaced by ceramic, which can be considered as a permanent solution.

The most important thing is to restore a smile on the face of patients!

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