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TRIOS 3 SHAPE – New toothless prints

Realizing that today's lifestyle does not leave a lot of time, even for the dental procedures that are needed, but require time and patience, we decided to purchase the latest digital technology. In this way, the procedure is maximally accelerated and made maximally comfortable, with a significant improvement in the quality and aesthetics of prosthetics. It's a TRIOS-3-SHAPE scanner that allows the whole process of making ceramic bridges and crowns to be done without taking a print in just a few days. 

TRIOS-3-SHAPE is a quick-scanning system for the upper and lower jaw, with 800-1500 full-resolution photos taken in minutes, from which the virtual 3D model of existing teeth is assembled without any impression taking. As with the previous systems, for example, CEREC, which we have in practice for several years, we use it for smaller work and bridges (up to three members where it is also possible to make compensation in the office in a few hours), this system is used to make large prosthetic restorations without limitation in number of teeth.


The scanning of the upper and lower jaw by this system lasts only two to five minutes, the boundaries (demarcations) are very visible so that there is no need for setting the end around the gums, nor the powder that is sprayed on the mouth (the previous CEREC system) and similar inconveniences now. When we prepare the teeth, the digital 3D model is sent to the dental technique where temporary teeth are made over a few hours to the aesthetic requirements of the face. The whole process is done using a special software system (SMILE DESIGN) and immediately corrects according to all aesthetic and functional principles. The system also provides much greater precision than conventional dental impression, whereby occur some minimal deviations. There are no such deviations in this system, because all parameters are determined and defined by the computer, where the deviation could occur and, consequently, the final work is done.


We scan the patient's teeth before any intervention, as some of them want to maintain the maximum faithful or even identical look of their teeth, only with the modification of existing irregularities.


TRIOS-3-SHAPE, in addition to scanning, automatically determines the existing color of each tooth, which we can retain on future compensation or to change that color according to the patient's wishes.

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