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Hollywood smile

A complete transformation of your smile with a combination of modern dental techniques

Hollywood Smile Cabunac

Technological advances in aesthetic dentistry gave dentists a very great opportunity to work. Hollywood smile makeover technique improves the look of a smile, using one or more procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry, such as veneers, implants, orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening. Reconstruction of the entire smile (mouth and teeth) can solve the functional problems of biting, muscle, teeth and bone tissue, using aesthetic and cosmetic treatment. It implies great dental interventions in order to repair abrasion of teeth, pain and other problems. It is often necessary to cooperate with several dentists of different specialties in order to get the best possible solution. The peak in aesthetic dentistry is the so-called "Hollywood smile makeover" and "complete reconstruction of teeth and mouth", which is also the most complex work.

Start of Hollywood smile makeover!

Hollywood Smile Makeover Dental Practice Dr Jovan Cabunac Laser in the dentistry of Waterlasse Iplus Fasete implants Metal whitening of the tooth Novosti news DR. G. Interactive practice Cosmetic Dentistry Dr Jovan Cabunac Specialist Dental prosthetics and academic specialist of Implantology Dr. Tatjana Savic Stankovic

The beginning of every makeover moves with detailed anamnesis, X-rays, photos-frontal, profile and smile. Based on a clinical examination and performed analysis, the physician makes a plan of therapy for each patient individually. To make the final decision, it is necessary to take care of everything important on the patient's head. These are: face shape, skin tone, hair color, shape, size, color and teeth position. Also, the look of the gum (whether seen while smiling or not) is of great importance, lip and smile. Furthermore, the teeth are wasted and shortened in time, which gives the person an old look, and with an adequate extension, transformation and change in the color of the teeth, a younger and better smile is obtained. Or, When the dentist performs the extension of the crown (longer teeth), on the round face, we get slimmer facial appearance. In the case of gummy smile (the smile where the gums are visible), the teeth look shorter than they really are, and the extension of the clinical crown of the tooth results in a visual shortening of the gums.

You can see how you will look even before the therapy is finished!

Hollywood Smile Belgrade

In order to see and understand what the doctor planned for the patient, the so-called "working models" of plaster are made. All proposed changes are made in wax. It is also possible to make the composite masks. They are placed over the patient's teeth, and so directly, in his mouth, we conjure up what is conceived and planned. In such works, patients have the opportunity to carry the model in their mouth for several days, reflect on it and give all the remarks to the dentist.

It is good that such compensation can be changed and refined as long as the patient is not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance and until he feels completely comfortable with such teeth. Only then we start with the treatment which is necessary for the final solution. These procedures usually last for a very long time, but patients have the patience and will to finish the treatment, aware that the end result is more than satisfactory.

The most commonly used procedures in aesthetic Dentistry are:

Fillings, direct composite restoration (bonding), ceramic veneers, teeth whitening and implants.

Fillings are partly considered as aesthetic dentistry when using materials that can completely imitate the natural appearance of teeth.

Bonding – To compensate for broken fragments of the front teeth or cover in the glaze, a procedure known as bonding or, more simply, a direct composite restoration is used. Composite dental paint material is applied to the surface of teeth, shaped according to all morphological rules and polishes. The restoration thus done makes broken fragments and cracks invisible.

Teeth Whitening is probably the most commonly applied method in aesthetic dentistry. The reason is that the teeth are dark of tobacco, food, beverages, coffee, red wine or bad oral hygiene. The whitened teeth significantly change the look of a smile.

Fasete, ceramic or composite leaflet , which are attached to the surface of the teeth, also change the appearance and color of the teeth.

Implants allow compensation of the lost tooth root (these are titanium "screws" that are built surgically in the jaw bones, and thus serve as pores of the crown).

Orthodontic treatment enables correction of irregularities of teeth and bites.

Of Course, many procedures must be repeated. Let's say, bleach teeth have to be used from time to time to "Bleach" again, to maintain the desired color, because the pigments from food, beverages, coffee... Still be accumulated on the teeth. Veneers used to spend time, sometimes break or freak, so they need to be replaced.The gum is retracting over time, so replacing certain ones is necessaryComposite fillings of restoration are peeling of friction and abrade, so they are also renewed.

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