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Metal-ceramic restorations

Crowns and Bridges

This type of compensation is indicated in the absence of one or more teeth or when the teeth are damaged by large carious lesions, fillings, fractures, as well as in highly disturbed aesthetics. The metal-ceramic crown or bridge is a prosthetic fixed compensation that ensures satisfactory aesthetics, strength and durability.

For the construction of crowns and bridges, it is necessary that the tooth or teeth provided for the carriers are healthy or adequately prepared - cured (conservative filling, treatment or surgical). When one or more teeth are replaced, the condition for the bridge is that there is a tooth on either side or an implant to that toothless field. The basis of metal-ceramic removing is made of metal alloys. On the metal base or on the alloy, sintering of ceramic material in the technique is done. During this phase, the practice is performed in order to establish complete functional and aesthetic requirements.
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