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Endodontics - root canal treatment

Endodontic treatment - treatment of the root canal or root canal nerve conservative way to treat diseases of the root part of the tooth. It is a method that leaves the tooth in function and prevents its removal. The causes of diseases of the root part are different: deep caries, caries below dentures and fillings, the infection of the periodontal tissue and the tooth fracture. Also, this procedure is done even in cases where prosthetic treatment requires it. The most common symptom that points to the root cause of the tooth is pain. It can be spontaneous for 15 minutes or more, pain on the touch of teeth, pain when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks.

On more serious infections, besides pain, it also indicates swelling in the mouth and on the face. It often happens that the root cause of the tooth is asymptomatic. The cause of such a condition is mainly tooth trauma (in case of irregular bites or poorly done prosthetic works and filling), necrosis and some stages of gangrene.

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