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Tight and irregularly placed teeth are a common problem that is best dealt with in youth. However, if skipped therapy at an earlier age it is possible to perform an orthodontic treatment and later. Today there is no age limit for the implementation of therapy. Of course, it's much easier to treat a younger person who is developing than a person with completed growth.

The most important part of orthodonic treatment is the right indication and adequate therapy!

This is achieved by clinical examination, model analysis (plaster models made from jaw impression) and analysis (calculations and measurements) of orthopantomographic and profile X-ray. Based on these three parameters it is possible to determine the correct therapy, under which we assume that in addition to ideally complicated teeth and jaw relationships, they are adequate, because the appearance of the entire face depends on it. The goal of the therapy is not only "stacking teeth", but harmonization of the face. There are so-called golden proportions that are set as an ideal, and we need to approach that ideal as much as we can with therapy.

Therapy should allow us to look better. It should allow the lips to be competent and properly positioned, as well as that the thirds of the face are equal (that the beard tip and the tip of the nose are not too close). Also, the beard should be in line with the lips, and not be too ejected or pulled (compliant profile).

Patients had previously avoided orthodontic treatments because they did not like metal locks, the so-called "metal smile". Today, this problem is overcome, because there are dental locks, as well as completely transparent locks that are almost imperceptible in the teeth. In this way, the problem of a "metal smile" is solvable. The wearing of fixed braces has become a matter of prestige, because they are an ideal smile and a harmonious face is the ultimate goal of this therapy. After completing the orthodontic treatment, patients usually make teeth whitening. In those patients whose dental form is not satisfactory, corrections of the shape of veneers or seals are done, depending on the degree of nonconformity with the anatomical appearance of the teeth.

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