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Dental implants- One step to perfection

Dental implants can be installed on the site of one lost tooth, which is biologically the most acceptable, so it is a recommendation of modern dentistry. Also, in the absence of more teeth in a row, implants can replace teeth that would be bridge carriers.

Dental Implants Belgrade
Implants Belgrade

In toothless patients, dental implants are installed either at the site of the tooth carrier of the circular bridge or at the most suitable place for retention tooth in dentures. The material from which dental implants are made is titanium because it is completely biocompatible and mechanically resistant. 

For the success of implant-prosthetic reconstruction and rehabilitation, the right patient selection, planning of the procedure and selection of the appropriate type of implants are crucial. Prior to surgical intervention, a patient's anamnesis is taken and an assessment of the general and current state of health is carried out. Equally important is the assessment of the state of oral hygiene, as well as the motivation of the patient and his expectations.

Patients with bad habits such as: frequent alcohol consumption, nicotine use, nail nibbling habits, or some items of food (pens, etc.) belong to patients at moderate risk since such habits can compromise the healing of an wound or implant osseointegration. It is also important to evaluate the periodontal status of existing teeth and occlusive anomalies such as bad bite or bruxism (compression and teething). In relation to the assessment it is decided whether it is safe to install the implant. For a complete assessment of the status, the dentist performs a clinical examination of the oral cavity with tomographic images of certain regions (which are done according to the doctor's order).


Dr. specialist Jovan Cabunac has been educating other dentists for many years, through courses and professional training, which are held throughout Serbia and Europe. What other dentists learn from him is to improve knowledge on the subject of adequate and long-term prosthetic rehabilitation of patients. Then, satisfying the aesthetic requirements of patients by improving techniques for the preparation of direct composite veneers and implants.

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